Clinics We Offer

Antenatal Clinic

Thursday between 13:30 and 15:30 (by appointment only)

If you are pregnant you do not necessarily need to see your GP if you are well. Please book into antenatal clinic to see our team of midwives who will arrange hospital referrals, scans and advice regarding all your needs in pregnancy. For any acute problems such as bleeding or pain in pregnancy you should make an urgent appointment to see your GP or attend A+E.

You can refer yourself to the early pregnancy unit at St Mary’s if you are under 20 weeks pregnant and experiencing pain or bleeding telephone 0161 276 6204

Child Health Surveillance/Immunisations

Wednesday between 11:00 and 12:30. (No appointment needed.)

The clinic provides childhood immunisations, 8 week baby checks as well as general advice. 8 week baby checks are by appointment only. Please telephone the surgery to arrange an appointment.

A GP and nurse are present. Please do not bring ill children to be seen in this clinic.

For more information on immunisations visit the NHS Website.


General counselling services for registered patients are accessible through the Primary Care Mental Health Team. Patients are asked to refer themselves by telephoning 0161 231 0017. A form will be sent out to you in the post and appointments arranged at the surgery.

For more specific information please discuss your needs with your GP.

Weight Management and Exercise

If you are concerned about your weight please ask your GP/nurse to assess your height and weight ratio, known as body mass index.

Our practice nurses provide appointments to advise patients regarding healthy eating and monitor weight reduction. Please keep a food diary writing down everything you eat and drink in a 4 week period before making a 30 minute appointment to see the practice nurse. You can self refer to the community exercise programme called PACE who provide exercise programmes for all shapes, sizes and ages at a reduced cost. This can be done by telephoning 0161 681 0940.             

Family Planning /Well Woman Clinic

Please note: this clinic is only for patients registered at Five Oaks Family Practice

Thursday between 16:00 – 17:30 by appointment only

The clinic provides contraception, cervical smears and deals with problems such as vaginal discharge, menopausal problems and period problems. Midwives who are all family planning trained staff the clinic. We do not provide a coil fitting service and recommend you attend Clayton Health Centre telephone 0161 231 1151.

All females between the age of 25 and 49 need a smear every 3 years and every 5 years for the 50 to 65 year age group. If you cannot attend Family Planning Clinic for this important test, you are very welcome to book an appointment with one of our practice nurses.

Health Checks for over 75s and patients not seen for 3 years

All patients age 75 and over are encouraged to undergo an annual health check-up either at the surgery or within their own home if it would be inappropriate for such patients to attend the surgery.

Any Patient who has not been seen for 3 years or more is encouraged to attend for a health check-up.

Minor Surgery

Dr Faizy runs a minor surgery clinic on alternative Tuesday afternoons. During this session joint injections and removal of minor skin lesions can be performed.

It is always wise to ask your GP to assess whether or not any skin lesion would be suitable for removal at the practice, prior to making an appointment in the minor surgery clinic. We cannot remove facial lesions.


Flu injections are available from October every year for those considered at risk. If you would like to know more about when you can get a Flu jab, please contact the practice and speak to the reception team.

If you think you need a booster for any other vaccines please make an appointment to discuss this with the practice nurse.